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Hack Liberty Reserve 2012

nah ini dia cara hack orang kulit putih,,keren banget,,,,

langsung ja ke script nya para hacker kulit putih,,,,
yg mo buat website dengan script ini jg boleh,,but di edit dulu ya?????

********THE NEW LIBERTY RESERVE(LR) HACK CODE 2012***********
Pls use this guide to setup this new LR hack code to fetch more money into ur account.

1. Create your new Liberty Reserve account. Use this link (cpoy and paste into your browse) to create your account
*note: pls create new LR account not old account bcos it wouldnt work for old account so be care about that*

2. Now that your LR account is ready to work for you, fund your new LR account with only $10(lr). This is what will work with these new LR Hack Code to fetch $200 back to your account any time you transfer the $10(lr) plus the code to a sub admin account(U9174599) planted in the Liberty Reserve database system by a hacker(Lee Luig) who created these code. This sub admin contain binary and trojan codes which works with the code that will drop it out in the next step.

3. I call this step gateway to riches. . . . copy and paste this link( in to ur

browser and hit enter. . . . it will send you to the pay gate of th the SUB ADMIN am talking about(I call these my central bank). . . now let go on. . . . log into your new LR account. . . then log in again. . . . . now the payment form is ready for us to start the hacking. . . . . . now under the *AMOUNT* put 10 there but make sure your new account have $10 in it. Sometime you may have $10. 92 in your account but you just put only 10 in the amount area. . . . .

Here is the where this Magic New LR HACK Code comes in. Under memo put in this code:

=send==fetch 10x2 to subadmin==lr database###12*
/?/put the last three digits of your LR account number here/?/
=^^hide back transfer log== j%
**line==log off snytex b***

*Pls note: In the code above remember to put in the last three digits of your account number in the specified area. Example if

your account number is U8502245 then your code will be like this:

=send==fetch 10x2 to subadmin==lr database###12*
=^^hide back transfer log== j%
**line==log off snytex b***

After this put in your master key and click on preview. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . on the next page click comfirm and you are done.

4. What next?
All you have to do now is to get yourslf some snacks as your account works for you or facebook for sometime. . . .. . after one 20 mins time log back into account and see $200 resting in it. Then you can create a new account to repeat the steps to fetch another

$200(note you can't use one account for two or more times always create new account). . . . . . . You can then tranfer all this money into your old account(not the one you used for the hacking). . . . . . u can only do this 5 times a day bcos it detects your ip and not work after the 5th tranfer you do untill 24 hours.


BUY THIS USEFUL NEW LR HACK CODE. . . . . . . ENJOY. . . . . . . . ENJOY. . . . . . . . . ENJOY. . .


************************************CREDIT TO LEE LUIG FRO THIS GREAT WORK HE HAS DONE********************************************


Jayakumar Wilson said...

DIdn't work for me.

ari.zink said...

om itu sudah pernah dicoba??

Heri Sogleng said...

dear mas indra
apakah ini bukan scam mas ?

Marcella Pasaribu said...

ah ini sih penipuan saya sudah pernah ketipu. kalau mau yang beneran disini tempatnya :
hati-hati tuh bule kurang ajar mungkin dia pengangguran

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